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Parth Patel

Backend Developer / Security Engineer
I find a programmatic way to replace myself at work and when I do, I explore new challenges to work on. 

Android Security is my most recent interest. Please visit my Open Source Project at (http://code.google.com/p/asef/)

I have presented my research work at Security Conferences like Sector 2012 (Toronto), BSides 2012 (Vegas, Dallas, Detroit) & S4 Con (San Francisco).

I aspire to create a largest database of behavioral analysis of Android Applications and attempt to answer some of the most burning questions of Android Security.

At Qualys, I enjoy building Backend tools(with UI) which are easy to use, adapt, integrate, modify, reuse and scale.

Before Qualys, I have worked on security at companies including Ricoh Innovations, where I designed and developed the Secure Tap Transfer Protocol, which allows handheld devices to establish secure communications. At Connexed Inc, I worked to harden the security of their surveillance camera infrastructure. 

I hold a Master's degree in Computer Networking & Security from San Jose State University (2008).

Specialties:Scripting, Automation, Design and Develop Frameworks, Regular Expressions and Pattern Matching, Data (mining, parsing, correlation), Reverse Engineering, Forensic Analysis, Vulnerability Management and Information Security.