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Jersey City, New York
Information Security Professional with over 20 years of IT industry experience with strong focus on developing, building & managing large scale Security Programs such as Information Security Application Software Security & Infrastructure/Data Center. Provide thought leadership to firms to manage & protect the information risks against threats, ensure compliance and drive security as key success enabler to business. Led several key projects in support of major security initiatives.

As a Director at DTCC, I'm responsible in managing and supporting Application Security Program with special focus to protect applications from emerging and existing threats. Work with different stakeholders across the company to continuously enhance the company’s application security practices through best of methodologies, procedures and tools for secure development and security assessments such as Application Penetration Test, Static Code Assessment, Open Source Software Review & ensure that the apps meet Security Risk Threshold before made available to stakeholders

Instrumental and actively contributed to define new Security Risk Scoring called DAVS (DTCC Application Vulnerability Score) and rollout.

Provide thought leadership on App Security to enhance App Sec Program partnering with Infosec/AppSec Product vendors, Service Providers & other industry peers